Modern 8x6mm Oval Amethyst Bracelet in Sterling Silver

Modern 8x6mm Oval Amethyst Bracelet in Sterling Silver

Hidden Starfish
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Natural Oval 8x6mm Amethyst Bracelet in Sterling Silver. This amethyst is considered AAA grade.

Amethyst is said to balance your mood, and soothe irritability and anxiety. Amethyst is the birthstone for February.

Both beautiful and spreads mental health awareness!

Each piece of jewelry from Hidden Starfish is made in the USA and casted with ethically mined and recycled metals to benefit mental health initiatives. Hidden Starfish will donate 10% of proceeds to benefit the Brain & Behavioral Research Foundation.

This bracelet features a natural amethyst that has been heat treated to enhance its stunning purple color. Heat treating amethyst is a very common practice in the gemstone industry. Most amethysts on the market have been heat treated.

Every piece of this bracelet is made in the USA; however, stones are sourced and cut throughout the world.

Due to the natural origin of this stone colors may vary. Please remember photos typically do no do gems justice.