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Iolite Faceted Earrings in Sterling Silver

Hidden Starfish
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Natural Iolite Faceted Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver. These gemstones are considered AA grade. These two Iolite stones are completely natural and have not been altered in any way besides its cut.

This listing is for a set of two sterling silver natural Iolite studs in the following sizes:

  • 4mm  
  • 5mm 
  • 6mm 

Iolite is also called a Viking's Compass. Vikings sailors used Iolite as a light polarizer to navigate when the sun was hidden by clouds. Iolite is said to instill hope during difficult times, aid in direction, and promote feelings of peace.

Every piece of these earrings are made in the USA; however, stones are sourced and cut throughout the world.

Due to the natural origin of these stones colors may vary. Please remember photos typically do not do these gems justice.

Each piece of jewelry from Hidden Starfish is made in the USA and casted from ethically mined and recycled metals. All gemstones are guaranteed natural and sourced from accredited and sustainable suppliers. Hidden Starfish will donate 10% of proceeds to benefit the Brain & Behavioral Research Foundation.